Principal’s Message


Dear Parents,

It is a pleasure and an honour to serve as the Principal of Jarvis Elementary School. We are a Traditional School located in the central region of North Delta, and have a student population of approximately 475 students. We offer a regular English Kindergarten to Grade 7 program and host a Strong Start Centre for preschoolers and their families. In addition to these programs, a private daycare offering before and after school is situated in our school building, as is a private preschool.

Jarvis is a dynamic place to work, learn and play! Our staff are student-focused, and continuously work on developing a learning environment where each child has the opportunity to think, to learn, to seek answers, to be creative, and to grow into a well-rounded, independent, respectful citizen who will strive to achieve his/her personal best.

At Jarvis Elementary, we believe that learning is best achieved when there is a strong partnership between the home and the school. As a school staff, we can plan meaningful learning programs for our students, but, the ultimate success of these programs is dependent on how well we communicate these programs to our parents and our community. When staff and parents are working together to exchange information, and collaborate in the learning process, our students will experience greater success as learners. Jarvis Elementary welcomes parents as partners in their children’s learning.

The parent community at Jarvis Elementary is supportive, encouraging, and caring. Our Parent Advisory Council is active and meets monthly. They coordinate monthly food days, raise funds for the school, purchase and maintain the school’s Emergency Preparedness materials, and support the numerous extracurricular programs taking place a Jarvis Elementary. Our parent volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the staff have the resources needed to provide enriched and engaging learning experiences for our students.

In closing, I look forward to working with the parents of the Jarvis community as partners in the learning taking place at our GREAT school!! Please stop by the school, chat, and share your thoughts about your hopes and dreams for your children!


Ken Levenstein