About Our School

Jarvis Traditional School aims to provide an environment that will help students to become successful citizens for the 21st century. We adhere to a formal code of conduct which stresses Respect, Integrity, and Excellence. Students are taught formal greetings and good manners are consistently reinforced.

Our school uses various behavioral strategies including Bucket Filling, WITS/LEADS, THINK, and RED/YELLOW/GREEN THOUGHTS. Our staff members use consistent language throughout the school to encourage children to learn and use positive behavioral strategies.

Our students wear School Uniforms and students from Grade 3 to 7 also wear Gym uniforms.

Our Parents Advisory Committee is very involved with the school. Parents help with reading, volunteer in classrooms, help to fundraise to buy much needed equipment (such as the new playground which was installed in November 2013), provide opportunities such as field trips, and help to create special events for the school.

What Makes Us Traditional?